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Logi-Serve is an HR technology company that transforms how organizations attract, acquire and manage their talent. We disrupt the human capital marketplace with products that are groundbreaking and engineered to deliver financial results. Our products help organizations identify the best employees and develop them to their full potential.

Logi-Serve products use proprietary, multi-dimensional testing methods that are scientifically validated. Combined with unique scoring algorithms, they create a comprehensive performance profile for predicting and developing future performance.

Our products deliver a unique candidate experience that is visual, interactive, and highly engaging. Logi-Serve contextualizes situational judgment activities with visual scenarios that immerse job candidates in their potential future role before they are even hired. Simulations of real-world business interactions command authentic responses generate more accurate data and eliminate test-taking fatigue.

We can also help increase your likelihood of hiring and developing top-performing employees. With instantaneous reports and intuitive gold-silver-bronze scoring systems, quick evaluations become easy. Additional insights come from predictive models that show the bottom-line impact and reports that help develop employees into top performers.

Our SaaS-based solutions deliver outstanding candidate experiences in more than two dozen languages (with more on the way). Furthermore, our scoring can be calibrated to account for the unique characteristics of local cultures. Logi-Serve products offer integrations with the tools you use every day.


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