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Your Trusted Advisor

The BOA works with associations, B2B direct sales organizations, professional employment organizations (PEOs), and large companies with a portfolio of clients. Our mission is to enhance the value to your clients’  sales experience by offering a single-source solution. We  offer customers a benefit  for utilizing your service offering. Additionally, we help make your offering create sticky factor, so your clients understand the additional value of staying with you as a trusted advisor by offering more products and services with our buying power, including improved services and discounts.  Simply put, BOA creates value for your customers to work with your organization and improves your bottom line by partnering with you on a revenue-sharing model.

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How It Works

BOA works directly with your organization to integrate with your current web site or direct your clients to our dedicated site. We do all the work on the technology side. Your salespeople, managers and customer service representatives will be incentivized to introduce BOA’s offerings to your clients, and BOA will work with the vendors and clients to complete the sale. The more your clients utilize the offerings, the more money you make.

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The Numbers

BOA is your partner. We handle the technology and the sales process, and your organization simply sends leads. We take a modest fee to build the marketplace, manage the process and we share the profits. It is all upside for your organization without the cost to invest in technology, time and resources to build the aggregated model of vendors for your marketplace.


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