Your trusted advisor to improve

Your trusted advisor to improve

Best-in-Class Service and Pricing

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Increased Revenue

BOA works directly with your organization to integrate with your current web site or direct your clients to our dedicated site. The more your clients utilize the offerings, the more money you make.

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Let's Partner

We handle the technology, tracking of client requests, vendor management, and sales processes.  Your organization pays a small management fee for us to connect your clients to our vendors. It's all upside for your organization.

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Purchasing Power

As your business grows, so does the need for discounts on the purchases you make most often. We collaborate with insurance, merchant services, office supplies, telephone and Internet, HVAC and finance companies to provide best-in-class service and pricing.

BOA creates value for your customers to work with your organization.

What is BOA?

The BOA is the leading business association of independent business owners and operators, delivering pre-negotiated services and savings to improve member profitability.

There is strength in numbers. By working together as an alliance, BOA Members improve their negotiating position, resulting in preferential pricing for many key vendors.

Vendor Partners

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BOA & Your Business

The BOA works directly with companies, associations, and organizations with thousands of clients to enhance the experience of getting business products and services through a Marketplace with less hassle while leveraging buying power to cut costs.

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